Kurulus Osman Season 4 With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 102 With English Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 102 With English Subtitles

Osman Bey, who lost his brother Gündüz Bey after the conquest of İnegöl and took Nikola’s head, set his new goal.

Osman Bey revealed his new enemies whereas figuring out his new goal.

Which metropolis did Osman Bey, the dominant energy in Bithynia, set his goal? What plans did Osman Bey make to take that metropolis?

After the conquest of İnegöl, everybody within the Kayı group laughed.

Whereas the conquests had been incessant, Osman Bey decided his new goal as Bursa. The highway map of Osman Bey, who wished to purchase Bursa, grew to become a matter of curiosity.

The conquest of İnegöl additionally made a big effect in Kostantiniyye. Osman Bey’s strengthening and progress instilled concern in his enemies.

The Mongolian commander Cebe additionally grew to become one of many necessary components of the soiled alliance in opposition to Osman Bey.

Cebe got here to the sting area as a member of the evil alliance to be established in opposition to Osman Bey. The Mongolian commander Cebe began to organize a sport in opposition to Osman Bey.

The hostility of Barkin, the coed of Grasp Arius, additionally gained a brand new dimension.

After the conquest of İnegöl, Barkın began to organize new plans.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 102 With English Subtitles

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Osman Bey’s enemies, who couldn’t digest the conquest of İnegöl, made strikes to disturb the peace of the individuals of İnegöl.

Bala Hatun’s sickness additionally elevated daily.

This example, which demoralized the Kayı group, additionally affected the princes.

Osman Bey additionally acquired the information that Bala Hatun was not trying properly.

Institution Osman questioned whether or not Bala Hatun’s sickness was a harbinger of fine information.

Çobanoğlu Beyi Ali Bey, who acquired the information of Osman Bey’s conquest, got here to Kayı Obasi together with his son Mustafa and Atabey Ahmet to have a good time Osman’s conquest and present that they had been with him.

Barkın, Romanos and Cebe, who wished to make a distinction between Osman Bey and Ali Bey, organized a sport once more.

What measures will Osman Bey take in opposition to the alliance fashioned in opposition to him?

Turgut Alp and his alps had been trapped within the forest space.

Turgut Alp was injured by an arrow in his chest.

Who kicked Turgut Alp within the head? Will Turgut Alp die?

After the conquest of İnegöl, Osman Bey met with the individuals of Aksakal at their place.

Osman Bey’s consideration was drawn to the truth that Kayı’s banner was bigger than that of different Turkish tribes within the place of Aksakals.

Osman Bey’s “Why is Kayı’s flag greater than the others? It wasn’t like that earlier than!” To the query, the pinnacle of the Aksakal individuals stated, “Because the Kayı grows, so does its banner!

Till the sentence covers the world! However you shouldn’t overlook, together with his majesty, an issue grows!” he replied.

When the pinnacle of the Aksakal individuals stated that the Turkmen, who trusted Osman Bey, got here to the west like a flood with the conquest of İnegöl, Osman Bey stated, “Thanks… We are going to comply with the case of conquest from this!

There won’t be a single Turkmen who has not landed or made a homeland. Village for many who want, plain for many who want… In the event that they coincide with floods, we attain Bursa with all our energy!

We are going to beat its partitions with that flood! We’re primarily based in İznik, Yenişehir! So long as what’s from us involves us! He said that the conquests would proceed.

The individuals of Aksakal stated that the way forward for the Turk, the final level the place the Islamic banner can be erected, was in Osman Bey, they usually requested Osman Bey’s goal.

Osman Bey stated, “Bursa! My horizon and my trigger are longer than my life, Alhamdulillah!”

He says that subsequent is the conquest of Bursa.

When the pinnacle of the Aksakal individuals stated that the conquest of Bursa was nonetheless early, Osman Bey confidently stated, “The one whose roots are robust will sprout even within the harshest winter! I do know, this siege will take years!” gave the reply.

Osman Bey stated, “I’ll take Yenişehir earlier than Bursa! Bursa would be the headquarters of the siege! It is going to be a homeland for many who flock!” He tells his plan of conquest.

Osman Bey enters the camp. He is available in entrance of the room. He sees his kids Alaeddin, Orhan and Fatima sitting quietly in entrance of the room.

Realizing that there was one thing unusual, Osman Bey stated, “My Fatma! My lovely daughter. Orhan! My Alaeddin… No surprise! What a sullen face? Are you offended?” Fatima solutions the query “Bala my mom, my father is sick…”.

When Alaeddin says that his mom, Bala Hatun, isn’t trying properly, Osman Bey hurriedly enters the room. Ayşe, Aygül and Malhun study from the Hatun that Bala has handed out from exhaustion.

Osman Bey, who entered the room the place Bala Hatun was sleeping within the room, stroked her hair with out waking Bala Hatun.

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